Charlie (on the far right) is a 2nd generation native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque. He attended the University of New Mexico for both undergraduate and graduate studies, receiving a Master of Science degree in Audiology in 1976. Charlie began a long career as an Educational Audiologist in 1977 and is now semi-retired, His time is now spent more with his wife and three children, friends ,and exploring the world of photography, which had grown into a passion of his over the years. Charlie has enjoyed photographing a variety of subjects since purchasing his first 35mm camera in 1978. His focus is primarily on the great vistas, intimate landscapes, close-ups and cultural beauty of our natural world. Until recently, his work was exclusively in 35mm , using slow speed, high saturation color transparency film. Charlie experimented over the years with a variety of print processes. He describes these early prints as disappointing, as the prints did not have the vibrancy or detail of the original slides. Advancements in digital technology and printmaking have completely changed photography and the world of fine art photo prints. Charlie feels that today’s fine art printmaking processes, using computer software and pigment ink printers, produce the most satisfying color prints yet.

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