Hector Rascon

Hector Rason specializes in carving saints (santos) and angels from cottonwood and aspen trees gathered along the Bosque area of the Rio Grande. He uses a chainsaw, eight very sharp chisels and a band saw. His creations feature incredibly sensitive, soulful faces, and they reflect they reflect his spirit in their eyes. (Some folks say Hector’s santos looks like Hector!) Hector is one of the best-known living HIspanic folk artist in New Mexico. His carving are shown in galleries throughout the southwest. He learned to carve santos from his father-in-law Ben Ortega, who is perhaps New Mexico’s most famous carver. In 1977 Hector began carving his own creations, and he has passed the art form down to his son, who now assists Hector. Hector was asked to carve over 3,000 angels for the World Trade Center Memorial to the victims of 9/11.

Hector Rascon passed away May 22, 2017. We will no longer be carrying his carvings. He will be sorely missed by those of us who knew him.

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