Retablos by Lynn Garlick

A retablo (painting on panel) is a Northern New Mexico Icon. Laymen, called Santeros (saint makers), began to paint retablos in the eighteen hundreds when the church in Rome stopped sending Bibles and icons to this remote and rugged region. The Santero painted on hand-hewed boards. He collected the pigment from the land grinding the pigment into powder and making it into paint. The retablo was an integral part of everyday life, the saint, sharing in the struggles and joys of that life.
Lynn started painting retablos in 1991. She was inspired by the simplicity and devotion with which these icons are painted. They became a form of prayer for help, healing and right thought for Lynn. She asks for love and kindness to show in them because to her it is through kindness that we heal ourselves, our family, our friends and the world. Her hope is that this kindness comes through the image of the saint.

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